Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Part 1

Miguel de Guzman’s consciousness was slowly awakened by the softest voice he ever heard, humming the most wonderful melody he has known and first he listened to.  He wanted to open his eyes, but couldn’t. He wanted to say a word, but couldn't. He wanted to move even a finger, but couldn't. He had never exerted so much effort before that by just the thought of it all exhausted him. And he fell into oblivion once again. And he slept the whole day throughout the night until the next day's morning.


There it was again, the softest voice humming that melody. Even if it was just the second time he heard it, it felt like that he had known it all his life for, in his mind, he was somehow humming after her.

Yesterday, he was sure it was a voice of a girl, but as he continued listening, he begun to think that he might still be dreaming or better yet, he is now in heaven with an angel. And he snapped out of it.

“Say what now? Heaven? Angel? Who are you kidding Miguel?” he thought, talking to himself.

He then began remembering that night he went to sail amidst an approaching bad weather. Then he began remembering the next events that had happened as he was struggling to make it to the shore, fighting the currents. He tried to remember more but it all ended with a pain on his head and then total darkness. As he struggled to remember everything, with his eyes still closed, he was not aware that he was making a groaning sound.

The melody stopped and the voice was not heard anymore. He then heard footsteps fast approaching. Then he panicked as hands were touching him, unknown voices talking in a very foreign language.

In his thoughts, he was screaming, “How dare they keep touching me?"

He wanted to scream it all out. He wanted to break away from these daring hands. He boasts to have an alert mind, fast reflexes and strong hands, but he only got very frustrated as he couldn't do anything. And involuntarily, his body was shaking. He was about to make use of it when suddenly, from a distance, he heard her.

“What is wrong with him papa?” said the angel’s voice.

As he heard her, he couldn’t hear anyone else. And like a spell, his body stopped shaking, his mind stopped screaming and most importantly, his entirety stopped panicking. Just like that, he drifted to sleep once again, longer than that of yesterday.


There she was, with her back on him, walking slowly along a green grassy field. He couldn’t see her face so he hurried his pace to reach her. But she heard him, and ran away from him, towards the rising sun. He ran as fast as her, but she seemed to be flying rather than running. He couldn’t reach her, his whole body wanted to just jump on her, he’s getting desperate. And just as he thought he could finally grab her hands, he was taken aback by a blinding flash of light.

Much to his disappointment, it was just a dream. He hasn’t opened his eyes yet but he knew then that the blinding light in his dream was rays of sun trying to make their ways into his still heavy eyes. He didn’t know what time it was exactly but he knew that it was daytime because he can hear people from afar. And he already figured out that he must be in some foreign hospital. With all the noises and pages and announcements he hear, one must figure it out so easily. With that in mind, he tried to open his eyes but to no afford. It is as if all energy had been used and this made him more frustrated than yesterday. In his frustration that turned into anger, he was able to make growling sound and even tried to make t louder hoping that “his angel” is just nearby. He thought, she must be a private nurse his family took for him. Whatever it is, all he wanted was to hear her voice. So he kept making low growling sounds. But, what felt like forever of growling, he didn’t hear her, and he is once again losing consciousness again with all the efforts he exerted just to growl. But the need of hearing her made him to give it one more time even it means he’ll drift again to dreamland and another day might pass him by. But this time, instead to growl, he concentrated all energy he has left on his legs, and then started kicking but only lasted not more than ten seconds. And when he thought that it’s hopeless, he heard her. But, he was drifting away as her voice trailed off with his consciousness.

Spring Serenade: Synopsis

It was the only melody that woke him not only from his unconsciousness but also, woke his cold heart. Like a flower that blooms in spring, her melody was like the sun that warmed the fields after the cold winter nights.

But, where is she now?  Will he ever hear her again?

About Seasons

I have been planning to write different stories that mainly occurred during the four major seasons, namely, winter spring, summer, and fall. I have the idea since 2008 and I started Spring Serenade also during that year. It's just that I didn't have enough time and honestly, I needed inspiration and of course, research.

I haven't completed Spring Serenade yet but I intend to now that I am finally posting it online..that leaves me no choice but to finish. One step at a time...

Wish me luck!